High-value modern and contemporary paintings, sculpture and ceramics: Kahitsukan Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art

It is all too easy to pass this museum by, where it is located on the busy part of Shijo Street in Kyoto’s day-time bustling Gion district, about 150 before Yasaka Shrine.

But if you’re looking for a truly memorable and private experience, in what is probably the finest small private museum in Kansai, then don’t pass this place by, rain or shine. 

Though the museum building is quite big, the museum director has had the good sense to display only a few works on each floor, with each floor given over to a different artist.  With the exception of the basement floor, with its original collection of fine, contemporary ceramic works, most of the works in the museum are large oil or acrylic works, each masterpieces of their art. 

Another special part of the museum atmosphere is the lighting, which is subdued almost to the point of creating a hushed feeling on each of the floors, as if you were in a shrine or tomb of creativity. 

Last, but not least, there is a tea ceremony room and small Japanese moss and stone garden set around a maple tree on the 5th floor rooftop.

Open 10:00—17:00, closed Mondays. On the north side of Shijo, about 150 meters west of Yasaka Shrine (E-8, pg 12 map).  Tel: 525-1311.

Content courtesy of Ian Ropke, Japan travel expert (since 1990). For more about Ian's work visit www.kyoto-tokyo-private-tours.com or Google me. Thank you . . .